I need a personal statement for a university program that is part of my application process.
University: University of Southern California
Program: Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship
“How will this degree program serve your professional goals?”
“Need to deep-dive into why are you doing this specific masters, start from general but you need to get specific as much you can. Even mention some notable alumni, professors, research done within the same masters program.”
The Statement of Purpose must cover these questions
I will add my CV that way you will know me better in order to write this statement.
Extra info about me: becoming an entrepreneur is something I always wanted and I highly resonate with becoming a social entrepreneur. I believe it adds value to my life ever since I was a child. To help and be generous with what I have got .. One of my life goals is to have an organization that serves the community and society as a whole (mental health, educational programs, community projects, solving environmental issues) and moving forward to becoming an international organization that is not only noticed but also serves all institutions and everyone else. I believe this degree will provide me with the right knowledge and skills in developing and achieving what I want in the future.

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