CHAPTER 1:  Introduction
[The Topic]
[For this section, fill in the topic in the heading. What is the topic for your project? Provide a brief description of the issue you plan to address. Be sure to use at least one source and cite it in this section.]

[The Topics] Social Significance
[For this section, address these questions: How widespread is your topic? Who is impacted by it? What are the costs and benefits? Be sure to use at least two sources by paraphrasing, summarizing, and using direct quotes in this section. Cite your sources in the APA style.]

[The Topics] Personal Significance
[For this section, explain why this topic is important to you. Discuss how the topic relates to your core values and personal experience. You may use and cite outside sources in this section.] From my personal experience working with my organization over the last seven years, I find combining storytelling coupled with music relaying an individual’s struggles with addiction to be an effective tool to bring awareness to the issues associated with addiction and to address the stigma felt by those that are battling addiction.
Note: Use the personal experience section for the relevant topic.
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