Risks Identification

Risks Identification

· Integrate best practices, tools and techniques to identify project related risks

o Perform Stakeholders analysis to identify stakeholders to include in Risk Identification (and how)

Identify Risk identification tools & techniques

Craft quality risk statements that clarify risk drivers, events and impacts

Create a risk register that aligns to Risk Management Plan and stakeholder needs

o Explain the process of using-Delphi technique, brainstorming, nominal group, affinity diagramming (group creativity) to identify risks

The next step in risk management is identifying the risks that may impact the progress or success of your project. For this assignment, you will begin to populate the risk register and identify the risks that may occur in the project. For this assignment you will complete and submit:

· Risk Register that includes a comprehensive list of identified risks.

· A minimum (“meets requirements”) of 15 risks should be identified

· To ensure the risk identification includes the breadth and depth necessary for success, be sure to include at least 2 risks from:

1 project-level/ business risks

2 risks per phase of the project (so, if the project has 5 phases, this would be two per phase or 10 risks)

1 project-specific resource risks

1 schedule risks (critical path)

1 project-specific cost risks

2 implementation risks

2 opportunities

· Risk statements must be written in the cause-condition-conclusion format. Additionally, you should identify the risk owner and the trigger event for each risk.

· For this assignment, do not work to analyze or determine handling actions for the risks – this assignment is to identify the risks only- later weeks will analyze and plan for how to manage the risks.

· Include a summary paragraph sharing how risks were identified, what was effective about the process and what you might do differently moving forward.

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