responsibilities after divorce do you ever wonder what kind responsibilities couples have go

Responsibilities after divorce Do you ever wonder what kind of Responsibilities couples have to go thru after they go from their divorce? Within my case #8 Responsibilities after divorce Elmer and Doris where married, Elmer had donated a pint of blood that Doris needed during an operation, several years after they had gotten divorced Elmer had an accident and he needed a pint of blood Doris was the only one with the same blood type. In my opinion, I believe Doris should to the right thing and donate the blood to Elmer. According to the synopsis, there is no moral reason for Doris not to donate because she was a match and had good health. As I grew up, I learned that you should always help people even if you are upset with them or do not talk to them as much as friends. I was also raised to believe that we are all morally obligated to help each other as friends and family in their times of needs. I believe Doris is morally obligated to donate but legally she is not obligated Doris had no legal obligation to donate the pint of blood for Elmer unless there was a legal clause in their divorce decree. In addition, in this case #8 Elmer current wife was not a match to Elmer’s blood type so Cora could not legally donate because they are not a match. Doris was the only one Elmer was able to reach at this time and the only one with the match and she was faced with the dilemma on donating blood for Elmer. Everyday people are forced to dill with ethical dilemmas and conflicts. I believe it is our morals and values that guide us on how to deal with them and help us with the choices that we make during our lifetime. In conclusion, I Believe life teaches us on to treat others, as we want to be treated. I would not want anyone who had the same blood type as I do and say they do not want to for a reason I will feel bad for someone to say that I would help that person if I had that same blood type or any other donation they need.
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