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8 pages Research Paper


Topic: Work union and labor trouble


This paper is talk about How Social Institution change people’s identity.



The paper must be an argument, not a personal essay and not a report.  In it you should do the following:


  • Clearly define the problem and explain why it is a problem.


  • Propose a response to the problem that could plausibly solve or mitigate it.


  • Present a causal analysis of the problem that establishes the seriousness or stakes of the problem and leads logically to your proposed response.


  • Present a counter argument to your position and a refutation of the counter argument. 


  • Use at least seven documented library sources.  You must use at least one of each of the following source types: book, scholarly journal, newspaper, magazine.  The periodicals may be print or electronic sources (from Shatford Library’s electronic database).  Wikipedia  may be used at the exploratory stage of research to get an overview of your subject, but it may not  be included among the sources cited in the paper.


Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page following MLA style

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