Research Paper

Research Paper


external environment

A. Natural environment

-growing water scarcity

-energy availability a growing problem

B. Societal environment



-political legal


C. task environment

-north America market mature and extremely competitive- vigilant consumer demand high quality with low price in safe, environmentally sound products

-industry going global as north America and European firms expand internationally

-rivalry high

-buyers power low

-distributors power high

-threat of substitutes

– entry barriers high

D. situational analysis( SWOT)

1. Strengths

-quality maytag culture

-Maytag well-known and respected brand

-Hoover’s international orientation

-core competencies in process R&D and manufacturing

2. Weakness

-lack of financial resources of competitors

-poor global positioning, however weak on Europe continent

-dependent on small dealers

-marketing needs improvement

3. Opportunity

-economic integration of European community

-demographics favor quality

-trend to superstores

4. Threats

-trend to superstore

-aggressive rivals

– Japanese appliance companies

E. review of current mission and objectives

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