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There are seven questions in the exam. Five questions are worth 5 points and two questions are worth 2.5 points.

Read each question and follow the guidelines.


Question 1, 2 & 3 refer to the article

LeBlanc, G & Nguyen, N (1999). Listening to the customer’s voice: examining perceived service value among business college students, The International Journal of Educational Management, 13(4), 187-198.


Q1: (5 points) What methodologies are used in the study published by LeBlanc and Nguyen (1999)? (5 points)

List them. Identify the procedure that was followed for sample selection as well as the sample size. Do not copy-paste the answer from the article, summarize it and present it in your own words. There is no word limit for this answer but 80 to 100 words should be enough.


Q2. (2.5 points) Considering the types of literature review discussed in class: What type of Literature Review is used in the project by LeBlanc and Nguyen (1999)?


Q3: (5points) Read the literature review again and identify one sentence that use an evaluation verb, another sentence that uses a positive stance and a sentence that uses a reporting verb. Use quotation marks and page number, if you are using a print-out of the article use the page number in the printed version. See the example of a reporting sentence:

Epistemic Value is defined by Sheth, et al (1991) as the ability of a product/service to provided novelty and/or satisfy a desire for knowledge” (LeBlanc and Nguyen 1999, p. 3).


Q4. (5 points)

Identify the types of internet research that do not require ethics assessment Provide a summary in a maximum of 250 words.


Q5. (5 points) Is the following alternative hypothesis set for a two-tailed or a one-tailed test? What would be the null hypotheses?

H1:There is a difference in the GPA of male and female students



Q6: (5 points) Mention five primary data collection methods and describe three of them.


Q7. (2.5 points) Mention two sources of secondary data in Canada. Include links to the websites, if you need help you can visit the Library.



APA style.

No plagiarism

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