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Attackers dont span a single way which helps them make their targets compromise. Their biggest weapon lies within the organization but not in the newest technology available in the market. This makes the weakest link in the information security. One such weakest is the emails and the system that manages email. Email is the source for most of threats like phishing, scams, ransomware and any such related malicious code. Even a single email which contains the confidential data goes out of the organization, may lead to the biggest threat and lowers the reputation of the organization. For this, employees should be given a training on what type of emails can be shared with their co-employees and what type of emails can be sent out of the scope of the company. Management should have access to the emails of their employees and should regularly monitor them. 

Some of the strategies that can be applied to reduce the effects of the emails are stated here. Users should be aware of the types of risks caused by the emails. Even if the user clicks the unsafe link unknowingly, that may lead to malware infection or that might give the attacker the access to the system. Humans are the primary cause that leads to email related breaches.  The phishing awareness and training program must replicate the various categories of methods and risks that spread over to other roles in the group so that individuals recognize accurately what to look in for. Just offering the training wont serve the purpose, management should ensure that employees understand their security aspects and are willing to apply in their real time projects.

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