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The expenses and income of an individual are given in table form to the right. Find the net monthly cash flow​ (it may be negative or​ positive). Assume that amounts shown for salaries and wages are after taxes and that1 month=4 weeks. Income Expenses
​Part-time job: $1400/month ​Rent: $450/month
Student​ loans: $6000/year ​Groceries: $50/week
​Scholarship: $6000/year Tuition and​ fees: $6500/year
Health​ insurance: $40/month
​Entertainment: $200/month
​Phone: $45/month

The net monthly cash flow is


​(Round to the nearest dollar as​ needed.)

Expert Answer


The net monthly income

=> 1400+(6000/12)+(6000/12)=1400+500+500

=> 2400


The net monthly expenses



= 1476.667


S​​​​​o the net monthly cash flow = 2400-1476.667= $923.333

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