Public Health Project Plan: Health Promotion

Topic: Public Health Project Plan: Health Promotion

Assignment Criteria: Choose one chronic disease/health determinant as outlined below (this can be same to the one you chose in Assignment 1)

•          Hypertension

•          Oral disease

•          Obesity

•          Chronic kidney disease

Prepare a detailed innovative health promotion project plan for your chosen disease/determinant for an Australian community (Indigenous or non-Indigenous).

This should be in the form of one of the following:

•          Education on disease awareness and/or prevention

•          Disease/symptom management

Your health promotion should include:

1.         A specific target group and community (for example Teenagers in Darwin high schools or men aged 50 years or above in Bendigo, students at CDU)

2.         A brief outline of why this public health promotion is beneficial for the Australian population- how you anticipate it will improve health outcomes for the chosen community

3.         What your goals and aims for your health promotion are (review the SMART mnemonic on page 205 of Fleming & Parker)

4.         You should identify which of the Public Health promotion management perspectives this falls into (primary, secondary or tertiary- see page 309 Fleming & Parker)

5.         Outline the additional stakeholders, and community consultation which should take place- who this will include

6.         A specific original health message/ logo (for example: If you can play you can play)

7.         An outline of how will you promote the health promotion to the target group (newspaper, sports event, school visit, radio- what will work for your target audience)

8.         An outline of how you  plan to evaluate the success of your health promotion

**This is not medical surgical nursing- it is health promotion aimed at the community level- so please do not focus on pathophysiology.

You can follow the outline above or refer to a public health promotion/project template to base your assignment on such as the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research at Curtain University Template: Checklist for Planning and Evaluating Health Promotion Projects (

Or follow the outlines provided in the set text Fleming & Parker 2012: Chapter 13 Health Promotion


You may identify another appropriate health promotion template

Health statistics used for your assignment can be based on the overall Australian population.

Preparation: Timely completion of study materials; information pertaining to the above criteria can be found in the learning materials, web sites and set text; students should research using library and web resources and review other projects/health incentives which have been successful for the chosen chronic disease/ determinant.

Presentation: Essay format, CDU Cover page, font 12pt either calibri or arial preferred. 1.5 spacing. Ensure you have a footer with page numbers and your student name/number. If you use headings you should have a content page.  Reference list at end of document using APA style, at least 8-10 references used including research articles (reference does not contribute to word count). No tables, point form or diagrams please. Use third person in academic writing and write as if this is something you intend to do (i.e.: The health promotion aims to….)

your work for any poor paraphrasing and plagiarism. Word documents only to be submitted- no PDF or files/zip files.

Why is this relevant?

As you progress through your nursing career you will identify areas where more education or health promotion is required to change behaviours.  This assignment provides you with knowledge of the skills and processes used in preparing health education or health promotion resources.  Importantly it encourages you to identify that any form of health education or promotion should be designed to meet the needs of the target group and involve some form of community consultation to ascertain the need and acceptance of the health promotion.

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