Psychology of Women Extra Credit

Psychology of Women Extra Credit

For the individual student, successful completion of this paper and submission online according to the posted instructions before midnight on WEDNESDAY, August 12may earn as much as 10 extra credit points. Late submissions will not be graded.

The paper is expected to:

  1. Be between 300-600 words in length (12pt, double spaced), be cut & pasted into the textbox provided, no attachments.
  2. Focus on an identity that is an important part of the student’s personal self-image, experience and life (race, ethnicity, social class, religion, ability status, sexual orientation, gender, etc.) This is to be about you, female or male, the identity must apply to YOU.
  3. Reference, summarize and interpret a source outside of our text and not one of the assigned resources for the class (a research article, a website that is not a wiki or blog, a book or full length video) that relates to women and also to the student’s own specified identity (complete citation required so I can access your referenced source).
  4. Incorporate how that identity has shaped at least 3 of the following: your beliefs, thoughts, values, experiences, self-concept (if applicable), or interactions regarding women. Please connect the outside resource, your own experience/perspective and specific course content/terminology.
  5. An example would be if I wrote about being a Black woman, and cited a video where African American women are being described as “bitches & hos” and how that impacts me, my relationships with my daughters, etc. I might connect to issues of self-esteem, body-image, being viewed as “less than…,” being defined by my appearance, being distanced from mainstream definitions of beauty…and so forth…
  6. If you are male, look into how the identity you have selected has impacted your interactions with or beliefs towards women…or how this same identity might have played out differently if you were female. Think deeply about the implications here.
  7. Demonstrate personal insight and the student’s ability to thoughtfully synthesize course related research concepts, implications of the outside resource, along with the student’s own experiences and values.
  8. Demonstrate good grammar, organization, sentence structure, and appropriate use of course terminology and vocabulary.
  9. Late papers will not be accepted under any circumstances.
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