Psychiatric Assignment 7


Kim is a 27-year-old woman who recently moved from a small

town in Texas to work in the city of Dallas as a reporter for one

of the major newspapers. She is 5’6” tall and weighs 115 lb. To

keep in shape she likes to jog, which she did regularly in her

hometown. She doesn’t know anyone in Dallas and has been

lonely for her family since arriving. But she has moved into a

small apartment in a quiet neighborhood and hopes to meet

young people soon though her work and church.

On the first Saturday morning after she moved into her new

apartment, Kim decided to get up early and go jogging. It was

still dark out, but Kim was not afraid. She had been jogging

alone in the dark many times in her hometown. She donned her

jogging clothes and headed down the quiet street toward a nearby

park. As she entered the park, an individual came out from a

dense clump of bushes, put a knife to her throat, and ordered her

to the ground. She was raped and beaten unconscious. She

remained in that condition until sunrise when she was found by

another jogger who called emergency services, and Kim was

taken to the nearest emergency department. Upon regaining

consciousness, Kim was hysterical, but a sexual assault nurse

examiner (SANE) was called to the scene, and Kim was assigned

to a quiet area of the hospital, where the post-rape examination

was initiated.

Answer the following questions related to Kim:

1. What are the initial nursing interventions for Kim?

2. What treatments must the nurse ensure that Kim is aware

are available for her?

3. What nursing diagnosis would the nurse expect to focus on

with Kim in follow-up care? 

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