Provide an insight as to why it was necessary for the nurse to introduce a health promotion strategy

Assignment title:

Personalised care is essential in ensuring that healthcare is tailored to individuals / clients /family needs and requirements.
Discuss this statement in relation to the health promotion leaflet / tool devised.
(3000 words)

Assignment guidelines;

Introduction (5%)

Provide an insight as to why it was necessary for the nurse to introduce a health promotion strategy (10%)

Provide a rationale for the design and presentation of the leaflet (10%)

Discuss the justification of the message conveyed in the health promotion leaflet (30%)

Demonstrate understanding and application of concepts and theories relating to health promotion that can apply to the choice and design of the leaflet / health promotion tool (20%)

Discuss how the provision of services for your chosen health promotion subject may be influenced by health and social care policy / guidelines (10%)

Conclusion (5%)

Overall presentation and construction (10%)

Assessment Details:

Learning OutcomeAssessment method
1.Discuss the role and responsibilities of the nurse and identify key people you work with in your chosen field of practice

2. Recognise the impact that age, cognitive ability, sexuality, disability and health inequalities can have on maintaining health and well being
3. Discuss and evaluate how health and social care policies impact on service delivery

4. Recognise strategies and models of health promotion and enablement in relation to key areas of health

5. Identify and discuss those factors which may mitigate against the promotion of health and wellbeing

6. Discuss key current health promotion initiatives in relation to your chosen field of practice

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