Primary Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager:

Assignment 1: Discussion Question

By the due date assigned, respond to the discussion question. Submit your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Use the same Discussion Area to comment on your classmates’ submissions, and continue the discussion through the end of the module.

Discussion Question

You are a job applicant interested in the position of Marketing Manager at Jay Marketing. Following is a description of the required profile:

Primary Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager:

Research and implement effective marketing strategies and best practices.

Act as a liaison between clients and Jay Marketing.

Interact with brand managers to ensure a consistent brand experience.

Utilize market research metrics as a measure of successful ad placement.

Oversee market research and focus groups.

Select and partner with various brands to conduct marketing tie-ins.

Take a proactive approach to problem-solving, and provide leadership in resolving issues within the marketing department.

An Ideal Candidate:

Education Level: BA/BS in marketing or a related field required; MA/MS in marketing or a related field preferred

Experience in marketing required, leadership experience a plus

Exceptional consulting and account management skills required

Statistical knowledge preferred

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Exceptional organizational skills

Exemplifies the values of Jay Marketing

You apply for the job and are asked to appear for an interview.

Which aspects of the above job description do you think may have resulted from job-oriented job analysis techniques?

Which aspects of the job description do you think were products of worker-oriented job analysis techniques?

After this position is filled, in what ways will the job analysis that led to this job description continue to be useful?

Will the company need to conduct another job analysis for this position in the future? Why or why not?

What do you think are the similarities and differences between this job posting and those you have seen? Use specific examples of other job postings in your response.

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