Team Presentation

Crisis Communication Plan

Based on the corporation you chose identify a credible crisis, one that if it occurred could have a severe negative impact on the organization. Once you have identified the crisis your job is to develop a crisis communication plan. In this plan you will identify major stakeholders, analyze their potential concerns, and formulate a basic plan of how and when to communicate to each stakeholder.

Your job is not to provide solutions to the problem (the crisis), but rather to provide a plan for how you will communicate to the organizations publics.

An oral presentation presented to the executive group of your organization in order to get approval for your plan (20-25 minutes). A successful presentation will:

  1. Define the crisis. What is the crisis event that you are dealing with and what is the impact that it may have on the organization.
  2. Define and describe the stakeholders. Who are the people, organizations, or agencies that may be impacted by this crisis?
  3. Describe the ways in which each stakeholder will be impacted and describe the potential severity of the impact.
  4. Describe the available channels of communication and the pros and cons of each.
  5. Describe your plan for communicating with each of the stakeholder groups. The plan should be prioritized (immediate, within x hours, within x days, etc.) and should provide the reasoning behind your recommendations.

An effective presentation will:

1)     Provide evidence to support arguments

2)     Be persuasive

3)     Effectively use a presentation program (i.e. PowerPoint) to support the presentation

4)     Complete in the allotted time (20-25 minutes)

All team members must participate in the presentation.

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