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Review the following Politico article:

Source: Politico. (2013). N.Y. state senator arrested in alleged mayor race plot. Retrieved from

In a 3–5-page APA formatted essay, identify two or more ethical obligations — as discussed, for example, in Chapter 16 of the Northouse text — allegedly breached by Smith or Halloran while in office. (These obligations will not “fit” perfectly, as the real world does not always match the academic world precisely. Contemplate and give the best answer.) In each case, describe the ethically-proper course of action that was not taken by the relevant actors. Does New York — like Chicago, Illinois, which was called the most corrupt city in the United States (Cody, 2012) — have a special culture where corruption is accepted or even expected? Be sure to contrast the differences between leadership and power. Also discuss whether Smith and Halloran’s behavior would have been unethical in the private sector.


Cody, J. (2012). Chicago called most corrupt city in nation. CBS Chicago. Retrieved from

This Assignment addresses the following course outcome:

PP510-2: Synthesize the leadership/power relationship within cultures and ethical systems.

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