Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper


Use the questions in the table in chapter 3 on page 101 of your textbook as a guide as you write your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should be three typewritten double spaced pages following APA style guidelines. The paper should address the following:

Introduction that includes who you are and where you practice nursing

Definition of Nursing

Assumptions or underlying beliefs

Definitions and examples of the major domains of nursing

Summary that includes:


How are the domains connected?

What is your vision of nursing for the future?

What are the challenges that you will face as a nurse?

What are your goals for professional development?



Grading criteria for the Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper:


Introduction 10%

Definition of Nursing 20%

Assumptions and beliefs 20%

Definitions and examples of domains of nursing 30%

Summary 20%

Total 100%


Your paper must be written in APA style; the last day to turn in this assignment is Friday August 12, 2016 by midnight.

The paper will be checked for plagarism.

Paper submitted after due date won’t be accepted. No exceptions.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cassandre Milien

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Expert Answer

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So as to compose essay on Philosophy of nursing, I trust that initial one must choose what rationality intends to them. I think Shrock expressed it best when she said, “rationality is a disposition toward life furthermore, reality that advances from every medical caretakers convictions … (Edwards, 1997 ). This definition gives me the flexibility to utilize my own particular convictions. I don’t need to acknowledge what another person has chosen. Researchers have been debating for quite a long time, is nursing a workmanship or is it a science. Why would it be able to not be both? I trust that to be an effective medical caretaker one must have the capacity to give the ” workmanship” of minding, and have the drive to proceed to accomplish and apply the learning “science” all through your profession. To start with I might want to address why nursing is a craftsmanship. Written in content as far back as Florence (1910) and U.E. Nissen (1892), nursing was being contrasted with craftsmanship in an allegorical sense. These pioneers were not alluding to craftsmanship as in the feeling of compelling artwork.

They were implying nursing quality. Nissan poses the question in her book what is the most amazing level of practice? (Austgard, 2006,p,16) Nissan was alluding to minding. This idea echoes today by Benner. In her book Novice to Expert Benner states, ” One approach to isolate the instrumental and expressive parts of nursing is to manage minding as the specialty of nursing (Benner, 1984, p.170) Without minding the medical attendant can’t interface with the patient. In the event that the medical caretaker can’t interface, trust won’t create. Without this trusting relationship, restorative nursing won’t occur. In this way minding is at the focal point of all-fruitful nursing experiences. This is not to make light of the estimation of science. A capable medical attendant must have the capacity to utilize the specialized assets accessible. The medical attendant ought to know about the life systems and physiology of the human body, pathology and current rules for pharmacological treatment. This is a regularly changing body on information. Science likewise incorporates the aptitude required to perform specialized assignments. Benner’s Learner to Expert model clarifies the science behind aptitude securing. As medical attendants we are all on a continuum to accomplish ” master” in each of the seven areas of capabilities.





My rationality of nursing locations four things:a) society, b) environment, c) the beneficiary of nursing care, and d) the connection between society, individual and the earth. My definitions are as takes after. The least complex meaning of society is a gathering of individuals with normal interests. Social orders for nursing would by this definition, develop for every given situation. For instance, a doctor’s facility ward could be a general public where the medical caretakers are held together by the normal enthusiasm of giving consideration to their patients. Nature is the stage for the general public to live in. This can be portrayed as a physical domain, for example, the region the individual lives in, the home structure, or any substantial zone the individual experiences. Environment likewise envelops the individual’s mental mindfulness. This incorporates the individual’s profound mindfulness, feelings and musings about their current circumstance. The beneficiary of nursing consideration is not constrained to only the patient. The family, companions, pastorate, and different individuals from the human services group are all beneficiaries of the consideration being given by the medical caretaker. Everybody that interacts with the nursing procedure is influenced either decidedly or adversely. All communications between the general public, the earth, and the beneficiary of consideration are rapid and synergistic.


Wellbeing and Illness likewise should be tended to. While examining the possibility of wellbeing, I came over a definition that set up together the majority of my considerations.” Health is the way toward turning into, the amassing of man’s backgrounds. A non straight element that can’t be hindered or qualified by the terms, for example, great, awful, pretty much”. (Parse, 1981, p. 39) Illness in this manner is any state that hinders or frustrates the procedure.

As a little youngster, I longed for being a medical attendant. I ached to grow up so I could wear the white garbs and tops that I saw on TV. Throughout the years, my concept of what a medical attendant was transformed I started to comprehend that a medical caretaker was a man in a uniform, as well as a person that could have any kind of effect in someone else’s life. Nursing characterized to me is minding and empathy conveyed with the innovation expected to give a situation that backings recuperating. This can be given at any area and conveyed by any individual with the capacity to show love and backing to another person. The definition changes somewhat when talking of the expert medical attendant. This individual must give capable consideration along the rules put forward by the American Nurses Society and individual state directions.

Expressly, nursing is my method for offering back to society. I appreciate helping other people. Giving of my self gives me genuine feelings of serenity and soul. This is a very different perspective than when I began in my related degree program. At that point it was about getting my new aptitude and taking in the capacity to give restorative consideration. I have found there is significantly more to mending than solution. The capacity to genuinely demonstrate a man that you mind includes communicating with that individual on an otherworldly level. I have observed that this level of communication gives a restorative premise to advance trust in this manner supporting in the recuperating procedure. Without this remedial environment, complete mending is repressed.

My theory is effectively conveyed into my expert life. My present position is at Provincial Medical Center New York ,One of our statements of purpose is ” to mercifully convey quality medicinal services in an inventive and effective way”. (Provincial Medical Center, 2007) We convey a group state of mind of treating others, as you might want to be dealt with. Skilled minding is highlighted in our group approach. Taking everything into account, one could say, I experience my logic of nursing consistently. I don’t need to be grinding away to give nursing care. I embody my convictions in each circumstance of my life.









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