So I am doing a group project and we divided it into parts, my part would be this. The project consists about analyzing an industry (we chose the retail industry) and two of the firms -the top performer and the worst performer-(we chose Amazon (BEST) and Sears being the (WORST)). We had to formulate a comprehensive report on the industry and the two companies and make recommendations to improve/ sustain their performance in the future. We divided it into parts and my part of the project is to:

Write a 3.5 to 4 SINGLE-SPACED page paper (12pt & Times New Roman) including:

-an introduction & brief description about the retail industry and the two business and what we are going to do

-Talking about Amazon’s history, mission, goals and objectives, Data, and any other information you believe is important)

NO PLAGIARIZING! If not my whole group will be affected. I have to send in through turnitin in so I will know if it is plagiarized or not! Due tomorrow at 6 pm

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