Please read Chapter 1 in Cox’s text and complete the leadership styles quiz (find in the content area of D2Lthis is not for handing in to instructor, but to assist you as you reflect about your own style) and discuss each of the following questions (with classmates) below (see rubric in the syllabus to be sure you are giving adequate discussion contribution):

I.  Share any leadership and management experience you have as a nurse.
Reflect upon and describe your leadership style.  Critique the strengths and areas for improvement in your leadership style
After completing the readings for week one, describe what is your strength and an area you would like to improve related to your own Emotional Intelligence.
Include at least two citations and references in your initial discussion posting.  Use APA format.  Respond to a minimum of two other classmates regarding their post. Your responses to peers should be substantial.  Substantial postings are more than just saying “I agree.”  Substantial postings add to the point made, provide more information, ask a probing question, or share an experience.  Also, see the discussion grading rubric.

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