Organization Change And Strategic Thinking

Organization Change And Strategic Thinking

· APA writing style

· Write a 1200-word popular press magazine article that convinces the reader that strategic thinking is an important antecedent activity to organizational change. Persuade the reader who might not already use strategic thinking as an intentional process to begin doing so.

· As you select the magazine you hope to publish your article with read the author’s guidelines if they are available, or review the feature articles of the desired magazine. Follow the guidelines you find for the specific publisher. Be prepared to furnish proof of doing so to the grading professor.

· When you submit the document, use the comment text as a memorandum of transmittal that clearly indicates (a) the selected magazine, (b) the URL of the magazine author guidelines or your understanding of the magazine author guidelines, and (c) a statement of how you understand your article fits those guidelines.

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