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Please thoroughly discuss the topic below. Please see all the attached reading article required to give you an insight on the topic. You can also make use of the link below to answer the questions in this discussion board.

Over the past several modules of study, we have discussed the practice of both nursing past and nursing future. Within module eleven, historical practices of nursing were reviewed, and you were asked to identify contributions of past nurses who greatly impacted our profession. Within module twelve, the future of nursing practice was presented and the impact of future nursing practice upon the education necessary to prepare future nurses was reviewed. Within modules nine and twelve, the future of nursing education was discussed. Now that you have been provided with a plethora of information about nursing practice and education (both past and future), I want you to take a few minutes and THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. It is now your turn to create YOUR IDEAL future for nursing. Please highlight each point first, then write your discussion about it.
Describe what this will look like:
1. policy
2. roles (practice)
3. education
4. structure
5. anything and everything you desire. Write your thoughts and ideas for the future of nursing here. GO CRAZY!

IOM The future of nursing (infograph – see attached)

– It may be easier to view from the website:
Internet Resources
.From National League for Nursing: The Future of Nursing Education: Ten Trends to Watch

Nursing Careers to think about for the future:

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