Nursing Informatics application:Nursing Research

Nursing Informatics application:Nursing Research

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1. Complete the Chapter 26 Case Study (p. 462). During rounds Charles encounters a rare condition he has never personally seen, and only vaguely remembers hearing about in nursing school. He takes a few moments to prepare himself by searching the Internet. That evening, he researches even further to treat, administer, and assess the patient safely. He searches clinical databases online and his own school textbooks. Most of the information seems consistent, yet some factors vary. Charles wants to provide the highest quality in patient safety.

What should Charles do when he encounters information in two sources that is directly contradictory?
Which resources are the most trusted?
Which resources are the most accurate?
What criteria should Charles use to identify credible resources to enhance his clinical practice?
2. Practice extracting data from a database at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) State Cancer Profiles web site:

Compare data from at least 2 different states
Search for incidence by gender
Search for incidence by race/ethnicity
3. Visit the National Guidelines Clearinghouse web site:

Type ‘nursing’ in the search box to limit the results to those that are within the boundaries of nursing practice
Choose one of the guidelines and describe how it was developed and summarize the practice recommendations
How are these recommendations similar to or different from those contained in your textbook or those currently practiced in your clinical setting?
Choose a clinical topic and design a search strategy for searching an online database such as CINAHL or MEDLINE. Reflect on your search strategy, for example, what search terms did you initially use, what new terms did you discover as you searched, how did you limit/refine your search?
please put in microsoft word document, apa format, at least 2 citations and less than 20 percent plagarism.

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