Although muscle spasms are harmless and just last few hours, they will sometimes get sudden, sharp pain, making this person really uncomfortable. Spasticity happens when there is continual or continual seizures within the set of muscles or muscles. nerve shield plus some medical conditions like dystonia may cause muscle cramps. Dystonia is a neurological disorder that induces irregular postures induced by sprains, repetitive motions, or constant muscle contractions. The neurological dystonia problem is associated with heredity or birth. That may be caused by personal harm and several poisons or even by responses to drugs such as antipsychotics. Neuroleptics represent drugs used to treat psychological illnesses , e.g., psychosis. Muscle cramps may also be induced by unexpected contractions of the passage, which is sometimes linked with the colon. This colon is induced by spasms in the smooth muscles of some muscles,

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