Assignment Essay 

Choose your sources carefully. Cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

Do not just answer the questions. You should be able to explain the logic behind your answer You are expected to spend at least 3 hours studying the questions, finding and studying good sources, and understanding the nature of the answers and at least an additional 3 hours answering these questions and polishing your writing, so the answers are compelling. Invest your time wisely, giving more time to the complex answers in order to ensure that you demonstrate that you truly understand the answer. Typical assignment submissions should be roughly 3,000 word in length. Shorter compelling answers are fine. Answers with needless filler will be marked down.

Essay Questions

1. Discuss in scholarly detail concepts behind web analytics and describe the web analytics process. Also provide an example of the information that can be learned from web analytics.  

2. Discuss in scholarly detail some issues that should be examined prior to undertaking an ERP implementation project to ensure that the company receives business value from the ERP.

3. Discuss in scholarly detail some prominent types of interorganizational systems (IOSs). 

4. Discuss in scholarly concepts behind PRM including how and why it is used.  

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