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short answer paragraphs 150 words each

1.Think about the pricing methods described in this chapter–markup pricing, target-return pricing, perceived-value pricing, value pricing, going-rate pricing, and auction-type pricing. As a consumer, which do you prefer to deal with? Why? If the average price were to stay the same, which would you prefer a firm to do: (1) set one price and not deviate or (2) employ slightly higher prices most of the year but offer slightly discounted prices or specials for certain occasions?



2. does the kind of product make a difference in the importance of channel image?



3. Think of your favorite stores. What do they do that encourages your loyalty? What do you like about the in-store experience? What further improvements would you suggest?


4. Think of some of your favorite brands. Do you know where they come from? Where and how are they made or provided? Do you think knowing these answers would affect your perceptions of quality or satisfaction?

could they make?


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