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Imagine you design a device similar to a tri-pod or a microphone stand. The top of the device should be a flat surface that items can be placed on. This product would assist workers on a ladder by giving them a place to place tools etc. You will be undergoing this project from the roles of the design engineer, materials engineer, manufacturing engineer, and the industrial engineer. This process will end up producing 100,000 of these devices. The device



Materials engineer


  • What materials should the individual components be made out of? Will a certain part wear out over time?
  • What type of intended use would be bad for a certain material?
  • The raw material cost per part should not exceed $10.00. Calculate this with material weight –

                vs – cost.


Manufacturing engineer


  • Now that the materials are selected and the part has been designed, it is time to determine which manufacturing processes will be used to create the parts
  • Based off of the manufacturing process you choose, what machines are needed? How much will that cost for startup?
  • Make sure you choose processes, materials, and tools which can withstand creating 100,000 parts.


Industrial engineer


  • Decide how you would set up the factory that produces these devices in such a way to maximize the output. Be thorough in describing why you chose what you chose
  • How many employees would it take to operate this factory?
  • How much does this add to the cost of producing 1,000 of these parts?    





Your final report should include the following≡

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents

Material study

  • Covering all of the points from the material engineer and anything else you want to add

Manufacturing study

  • Covering all of the points from the manufacturing engineer and anything else you want to add

Industrial study

  • Covering all of the points from the manufacturing engineer and anything else you want to add
  • Discussion and breakdown of the overall cost of producing 100,000 parts
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Where did you get the information regarding material price, strength, etc.



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