My philosophy of nursing essay?

the philosophy of nursing has the core belief integrated in to the though process that I have and the way of life that I want to lead. I see nursing as not only an employment opportunity to earn money but as an opportunity and way of service towards the society. My belief in the nursing philosophy consist of some core principles such as Justice, Equality, Care and Medical treatment.

My nursing philosophy of justice is regarding the justice in care and treatment of the diseases or the ill individual. many people are not give a just treatment and therefore they remain untreated can lead to fatalities due to unjust treatment and care opportunities.The second principle of equality is very important as in today’s time the care and treatment has become a resource intensive activity and cost of healthcare increases day by day. This causes the treatment to be imparted towards the people who can pay handsomely for the care and treatment and they economically weaker sections of the society remain unattended which leads to prevalence of various diseases and a generally deteriorating health conditions overall.

The opportunity to obtain care must always have no price and equal distribution of care imparted by a nurse and overall healthcare professionals. Finally the job profile and social responsibility of nurses is to impart an altruistic care to the patient and treat them without any prejudice or differential treatment, no matter how serious is the disease progression or how impossible the chances of treatment or survival are. So I believe in all the values which help in imparting a socially responsible member and a morally strong and kind human being in my ideal nursing professionals and including that ion my nursing philosophy.

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