Music Homework #4

Your homework is to watch a filmed concert on YouTube and write a minimum 400-word response-review of the performance. The four concert videos to choose from are given on the next page. You must choose from these – you may not select a different concert of your own choice. Read through the instructions below in full before watching your chosen concert:

Select one of the concerts, and watch it in full. The four concerts present music from the 16th century, baroque period, romantic period, and 20th century, so choose the option that appeals to you the most. The selected performances are about 40–50 minutes in length – allow enough time to watch the full performance uninterrupted. Put the video on full screen and play the audio at the best quality available to you (headphones or external speakers are probably better). Try to pretend you are at the concert to get the full experience!

After you have watched the concert, write a minimum of 400 words in response to the performance you just watched. This should be partly a review of the performance, and partly your own response to the experience. Make notes on the following questions as a basis for your writing (but don’t just answer them in order):

What kind of music was played in this concert, and how does it relate to the music covered in this course?

Which part of the performance did you find most enjoyable, and why?

Which part did you enjoy the least, and why?

Which performers caught your attention and why?

What kinds of body language and/or behavior did you notice, and what effect did they have?

Who was in charge out of the performers on stage, and how did they behave?

How does your experience of watching a performance differ from hearing a recording?

What aspects of this concert experience were unexpected to you?

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