Multiculturalism and Diversity

Multiculturalism and Diversity  This discussion has two parts:

Part 1: In your initial post to this discussion, describe a student or client with whom you have worked where you needed to consider diversity and multicultural competence. This should be a client who is a first or second generation person to live in the United States. If you have not worked with a client or student like this, develop a hypothetical student or client.

Next, answer the following questions:

•How did you prepare for working with this client or student?

•Did you research their culture?

•What articles did you read?

•Did you consult with others? If so, with whom?

•How did you address presenting issues as related to the client’s or student’s country of origin, as well as related to his or her current social-cultural situation?

•What challenges did you face, including your own personal reactions and countertransference, as you worked with this student or client? How did you address them?

Include at least three references from current research.

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