MPM712: Managing Innovation And Final Reflection


Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)
ULO 3: Demonstrate the ability to appraise and assess innovation toolkits and communicate the most appropriate based on the context.
ULO 4: Reflect on own innovation related skills and demonstrate insight into how best to apply and further develop these skills.

Assessment Task

There are three aspects to this assessment:
Section A (10% – 800 words) is a summary of an interview with an entrepreneur/innovator. The selection of the individual to interview is left up to the student but it is expected that they will find someone who is useful in terms of developing their own understanding of concepts of managing innovation. Students are expected to adequately address the following questions in this section:
Why did you select this individual to interview?
What insights did you gain from talking to them?
What will you do differently based on your discussion?
What advice could you offer this entrepreneur?
As well as provide a summary of the date and time of the interview, length of the interview, format of the interview (i.e. in person, phone or video). Please note email “interviews” are not appropriate for this activity, you need to have a discussion with the person.

Section B (15% – 1600 words) is a personal innovation capability audit where students reflect on their own skills and plan how they intend to develop these going forward.

This section will be marked according to two aspects:
1)Reflection: Using the assessments completed during the semester, as well as data from other sources (e.g. feedback from others, past experiences, etc.) students are required to reflect on their innovation capabilities. Provide insight into where data was gathered from and discuss perceived strengths and areas for development.
2)Planning: Students are required to develop a plan of how they intend to maintain/develop their capabilities on an ongoing basis. Students are required to discuss strengths in terms of innovation management and also how they will capitalize on these strengths going forward. In addition, students need to consider which skills and capabilities they should focus on developing. Plans for how to develop these skills should be laid out using the SMART framework (S = Specific, M= Measurable, A=Aligned, R=Realistic and T=Time bound).
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