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Research a company in the media, music, technology or consumer products industry for your final learning team assignment. ( GOOGLE)


Assume that your Learning Team is part of the HRM team at this organization. You have been asked to launch one employee development initiative — an unstructured mentoring program for all employees.


Your Deliverable: Submit a 15- to 18-slide MS PowerPoint® presentation (and Word document, see Part III below) in which you launch this initiative and provide an overview for employees.


The presentation is aimed at helping people see the value of a mentoring relationship, ways to seek a mentor, their role in a successful mentoring partnership, and the importance on going career development.


Your slides, due in Week Five, should address:

PART I: (3-5 slides)

o    Provide an overview of the organization

o    List employee development goals of the organization (if you can’t find them, make assumptions)

o    How both a mentoring initiative and women’s affinity group can help the organization build future leaders  PART II: (7-9 slides)

o    What mentoring is and is not (dispel myths)

o    Overview of the unstructured mentoring program (think about how it will work, since people won’t be formally matched by the company)

o    Sell the value/benefit of seeking a mentor

o    Provide practical tips for how to go about seeking a mentor, how to approach and initiate the conversation, how to build the relationship, etc.

o    Clarify the distinction between the mentee’s role in the partnership, and the type of support they can expect to receive from their mentor, etc.

o    Close with suggested next steps for the employee to consider before deciding to participate in the mentoring program

PART III: (1-page Word document)

o    Design a 1-page Exploratory Worksheet for potential mentees to complete. This form would ideally guide the employee to think about what he/she wants from a mentor and how to plan to approach a potential mentor, based on tips provided in the presentation.



o    Use visual aids and graphics to enhance your presentation (but don’t overdo it!)

o    Do not include paragraphs in your slides; concise bullet points are expected

o    All slides must include clear/specific presenter’s notes.

o    Your presenter’s notes should be written as if you were to actually conduct the training.



·         Cite two to three references and use APA in-text citations when necessary. This should be your last slide in the presentation.

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