Meaningful Use for Nurses: Implications and Recommendations

Topic: Meaningful Use for Nurses: Implications and Recommendations

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Provide an overview of the Meaningful Use program and an analysis of the implications for nurses, nursing, national health policy, patient outcomes, and population health associated with the collection and use of Meaningful Use core criteria. Recommend additional core criteria not presently identified for Meaningful Use collection in Stages 1 or 2 (lists of criteria may be found at that you feel would be beneficial for nurses, nursing, monitoring population health, setting national health policies, and/or improvements in patient outcomes or population health, providing your evidence for your recommendations. If you feel that no additional criteria are necessary, provide your evidence-based rationale for your argument. Conclude with insights gained from this assignment.


Scope of Practice
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Qpe of Practice Statement (fl),

Your scope of practice is unique to you. Your scope
of practice must include the community and specialty
that you practice within and the parameters of your
practice. To put it simply a scope of practice is, what
you do as a nurse, who you practice with and how
you go about doing that. Many nurses applying for
endorsement as a nurse practitioner find this the
most difficult to write. While it may be difficult to get
started, once you have started you will find, as
others have, that this is an opportunity to really think
about your nursing practice, and reflect the skills you
have and the care that you provide. A useful place to
start is to read about scopes of practice in the

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