Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling (HSC)

Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling (HSC)

A degree oriented toward counseling within ministry settings or as a component of other vocations for which a license is not required (i.e., medicine, teaching, the military, etc.). This is an ideal joint degree and especially useful for those preparing for chaplaincy.


1.      Describe how a degree from the School of Psychology & Counseling would facilitate your personal and professional goals? (50-100 words)


2.     Considering your personal, spiritual, and professional background. Why have you chosen Regent as the place to pursue your degree? (50-100 words)


3.     How have your academic and professional experiences and achievements prepared you to be successful in this degree program? (Please elaborate on skill sets, attributes, and other personal strengths you will bring into the program. Applicants for online programs should speak to their performance in prior online learning environments and/or comfort level/skill with the use of technology in learning.) (250-550 words)


4.     Program Specific Response – Describe how counseling skills fill needs within other vocations than just those in the mental health field. In particular, discuss the role of a pastoral or lay counselor in contrast to those who practice under a relevant license in counseling, social work, or psychology. (100-200 words)


Here is a link to sample Personal Goal Statement, this is how it should be set up.

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