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Organizations use Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to carefully coordinate and deliver a consistent promotional message to every customer that comes in contact with any advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion effort. To learn how Integrated Marketing Communications is used by organizations, watch the following video on Vans®, a popular sneaker company:

Integrated Marketing Communications 

Advertising and Public Relations 

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling 

Subsequent to watching the videos on Vans®, go to the vans website ( to explore their promotional strategy.

Choose one Vans® product that interests you from their website.

In essay format, discuss the following questions related to the promotional strategy used by Vans®:

  1. Describe the promotional strategy employed by Vans® for the product that interests you.
  2. Explain how the AIDA process might affect a consumers buying experience for the Vans® product you chose.
  3. Discuss the factors that affect the promotional mix of the Vans® product you chose.
  4. Does Vans® use Integrated Marketing Communications effectively to deliver the message for the product you chose?
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