Activity 1: This activity is based on chapter 10.

1.1. Describe the appraisal process and give three examples of potential appraisal problems and how to deal with them. How dod you use the appraisal interview to boost employee engagement?

1.2. Just about every week, Donald Trump tells another “apprentice,” “You’re fired.”  Review recent (or archived) episodes of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, and answer this: What performance appraisal system did Mr. Trump use, and do you think it resulted in valid appraisals?  What techniques discussed in this chapter did he seem to apply?  How would you suggest he changes his appraisal system to make it more effective?. Include the weblinks used to elaborate this exercise. I want to visit them.

Activity 2: This activity is based on chapter 11.

2.1. What can you do to support employees’ career development needs? What is your approach to retaining employees? What are some of the main decisions employers should address in reaching promotions and employee career decisions?

2.2.  Web sites such as Sporting News occasionally run a story listing what they called the greatest coaches. Look at this list, and pick out two of the names. Then research these people online to determine what behaviors they exhibited that seemed to account for why they were great coaches. How do these behaviors compare with what this chapter had to say about effective coaching?

Activity 3: This activity is based on chapter 12.

3.1. How would you conduct a job evaluation and how do you establish a market-competitive pay plan? Discuss the difference between competency-based and traditional pay plans. Is it total rewards for improving employee engagement to you? Explain.

3.2.  Working individually or in groups, use the point system described in steps 1 to 16 in this chapter. Do so for a job description that you find online—the list like that at is useful. To simplify things, assume there is only one factor you have to use, and that it is Job Complexity so that you can use Figure 11-5.

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