-Explain in greater detail what lobbying is and how it impacts the policy process from problem identification to agenda setting to policy implementation.

-Critics argue that lobbyists have undue influence on the political process in the United States.  Explain their reasoning behind this concern.

-Do you think lobbying is a fair process and should be a part of the American political process?

-Select one of the organizations or corporations from the Center for Responsive Politics list of top spenders on lobbying in 2015.  Why would this organization/corporation employ a lobbyist?  What is the benefit to the organization/corporation?  Do you think this process is controversial?  Why or why not?


Chang, A.  (2013, November 11).  When Lobbyists Literally Write the Bill (Links to an external site.).  National Public Radio.  Retrieved from: http://www.npr.org/sections/itsallpolitics/2013/11/11/243973620/when-lobbyists-literally-write-the-bill

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