Life-span development is an important topic in psychology that has an entire course devoted to it (PSY 211). Human development is influenced by our environment and experiences

Life-span development is an important topic in psychology that has an entire course devoted to it (PSY 211). Human development is influenced by our environment and experiences. Research gives us clues on which has the most impact on a particular area, but we still do not have definitive answers.

Choose a trait or behavior and state whether you believe it is influenced most strongly by nature or nurture. Back up your position with material from the text and information from a study or other credible source. For example, you might choose something such as a specific talent, sexual orientation/gender identity, or a certain type of prosocial/antisocial behavior.


Most of us were taught (by our English teachers) to use MLA.  When I was in college, almost all classes used MLA.  Somewhere in the late nineties, MLA was surpassed by APA. Why do you think that may be? NO SPECIFIC WORD COUNT


What do you already know about the purpose of thesis statements? What have been your past experiences in writing thesis statements?




The trait I would like to talk about is ambition.  I have a lot of it, I started my own software company not because I knew what I was doing but because I knew I couldn’t work normal jobs. I believe this trait is nature.  Everyone told me to go to school and get a degree and get a regular job and grow your career.  I took a very unorthodox path and selected to do online school so I could build my company.  I have had many hard reality checks and I believe my environment pushed me to conform and become an employee.  Since I did not go down this path I believe ambition is a natural trait or at least in me.


For my topic, I chose sexuality.  Does living in an certain environment determine your sexuality? Living in a household or being raised by homosexual parents make a difference in the way you perceive your sexuality. According to our readings, a great deal of how we end up is based on how we are raised. Although, of course, just because you are raised by homosexual parents doesn’t mean you will for certain be homosexual, there is a great deal of how we think and react will be based on how they raised you.  Another aspect of being raised by your environment would be morals, beliefs, and religion.  If you were raised Catholic, it is most likely that it will be your religion. There are many aspects in which how we are raised plays in part in who we are today, but there are also aspects in which we acquire on our own. Our personalities, sense of humor and our self viewing is something that we inquire as we get older.


Learning addition and subtraction before multiplication and division would be beneficial to students because it allows them to learn basic problem solving skills and strategies that could be beneficial with more complicated multiplication and division problems. Students can move on to multiplication and division without proficiency in addition and subtraction but I think it they will have a harder time completing step 2 without completing step 1 beforehand.



Differentiating math instructions is helpful because students learn differently and not all students will understand the material. Differentiating facilitates different ways for students to have a greater understanding. It allows students to hear different ways of the same thing and smart teacher would attack a lesson from different angles, which allows students with different learning styles to have a chance of learning and conceptually understand the material. In the video they give examples of those who are musical prefer to dig deep into the formulas they dig deep into the formulas because they can come up with a song or other mnemonic device to learn. Students who prefer movement or actively engaging with the material would enjoy an activity that allows them to get up and move while still learning. I believe differentiating is essential because it allows students to get a variety of different ways to learn the same thing and gives them the option to pick which one is easier and makes the most sense.



I can relate with you on forgetting what I read when I find the text to be difficult. I have also found that reading out loud helps me retain the information. I believe it is because I am giving myself time to breakdown anything I may not understand. I have found that when reading out loud, I can highlight or write down what makes it difficult. Is it a word, or a phrase? Then I will use my resources that I have and figure out the meaning. Throughout the reading, I have written down notes for me utilize for the next time I come a cross a difficult reading. Previewing my reading before reading, can help eliminate the things I do not understand. By looking them up before reading the passage, I am able understand the word or phrase. While I am reading it will be easier for me to relate the word/phrase inside the passage instead of over looking it.



I really took notice when the chapter talked about connecting your personal experiences to reading. I like to make a connection to the reading because it helps me better understand it and also to retain any important information better by remembering the connection I had made. I think it is important to ask questions about the reading and answering them at the end. It gives the reader a task to do while reading and answering the questions he or she had can show if they understood what they had read. You could brainstorm as well. I do this by looking at the title of something and I will write down what comes to mind about the title. I also look at the first few sentences as well to see if there is any information I knew about.


When I am reading something that I find difficult, I will read it in small sections and take notes and highlight as I go. I will reread the sections more than once to make sure that I am understanding it. Definitions are a big thing for me to, I will write down words that I do not know the meanings of and what they mean in case I need to come back and reference it later. If I do not understand something that I am reading after rereading and looking up definitions and examples I will have someone else read it and see if they understand it. If they do I ask them to explain it to me. I will also ask the instructor for assistance. I follow most of the steps that are covered in the chapter that talks about difficult reading. These steps are important when reading because you have to know what to do in case you do not understand what you’re reading.



Some great material that I found useful in the library are the APA Paper Template which will guide me when writing my essay. The Grammar and Writing Guide will help you with your choice of words. As well as the EBSChost and ProQuest this will help you find articles along with there references and you can also check there credibility which this was something that i needed help with. The plagiarism checker is also a great source to use, it checks your essay for similarity to other essay that have been written by others. these great source have helped me in the pass.



When you do not cite your reference it is plagiarism. A student citing is important because it shows your reader or professors that you have invested time in learning what has already been learned and thought about the topic before offering your own perspective. It is the practice of giving credit to the sources that inform your work.The definitions of academic integrity, academic misconduct and plagiarism, also give us important reasons for citing the sources we use to accomplish academic research. Providing accurate citations puts your work and ideas into an academic context. They tell your reader that you’ve done your research and know what others have said about your topic. Not only do citations provide context for your work but they also lend credibility and authority to your claims.



Cite knowledge of information to produce your writing to scrutinize the sites for Internet research journalism confirmation.  Providing an academic citation makes it clear how and where you researched for the information in citing from your source of writing.  There are different areas you can reach out for the materials or topic in the bases in your writing through journals, magazine, and articles.  The use of cites gives you and the readers sources in the original ideas to be factual.  This is where you can decide if you trust sources provided is valuable and trustworthy of the documents or featured on the Internet sites. NO SPECIFIC WORD COUNT


The American Psychological Association (APA) is a guideline specified way of writing with demanding a specific way to present your academic writing.  This application procedure applies to all academic in writing used by many to be consistent and knowledgeable for your topics in researching.  It gives in using from describing from the beginning, body, and the end of your story to the defined way of supporting your writing with including your cites for sources included in your presentation.  I find it very useful because it keeps you within the guidelines and learns to become a useful tool for the future.  It’s great! NO SPECIFIC WORD COUNT



Plagiarism is defined as the act of claiming the word or idea of another person and make it your own.  This is an ethical violation which can lead to an academic penalty and results in probation, expulsion and can also reflect a probation period from the university.  In your research provides confirmation of your source into facts of knowledge placed in the proper context of your writing.  Using the context in the proper way for me it works for me is to put my writing as an extraction of from surgery as to who, what, when, where, and why.  I’ve learned to practice and retract my from what I read and write about and provide a description to my audience with meaning.  In-text citation entries provide recognition and use in documentation of my research in context.  Quotes have to be specified as such words and trying to move around the context to call it as your own.  I have to give credit where it’s due.

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