Leadership Models

Leadership Models

Create a chart comparing at least 3 common leadership models. In a 250-word response, reflect on how these models compare to your personal results in the Week 1 leadership style evaluation.

Leadership Evaluation

Leadership is very important not only for organizations but also for individuals as well. Various leadership styles encourage varied practices in a work environment. As such, the kind of leadership style adopted by an individual or an organization has a significant impact on success, (Al, 2018). Leaders have the power to influence the overall performance of an organization through the kind of leadership approach they adopt. For this personal assessment, I utilized a quiz generated in the Mind Tools website to evaluate my leadership style. According to the assessment tool on the website, my total score was 25. This score falls within the range of 21-27 which represents democratic or participatory leadership, (Mind Tools, 2020).

I am a conservative person who prefers to maintain harmony with my colleagues. As a democratic leader, some of my strengths manifest through how easily I can create cohesion among team members. I can easily earn trust and establish a good rapport with my colleagues thus promoting the execution of various tasks. Also, a democratic style of leadership promotes inclusivity in the decision-making process thus nobody would feel locked out, (Odumegwu, 2019). While this approach seems very good to create a perfect working environment, it is still limited to some level. The main weakness is that I can barely lead effectively in high-pressure situations that require authoritative enforcement of decisions. This can affect my performance as a leader as well as limit the performance of my organization.

In conclusion, I have identified my leadership style as a democratic leadership approach. Although this style is desirable in various situations and work environments, I have to focus on addressing my weaknesses as a leader. I hope to acquire relevant information from the course so that I can address my weaknesses thus improve my effectiveness as a leader.


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