Leadership Theory Presentation

Instructions and Grading Rubric

As you are discovering throughout the course, there are many different ways of conceptualizing leadership and many theoretical approaches to leadership.  The Leadership Theory Presentation Assignment gives you an opportunity to explore one of these theories in detail.  For this assignment, you will choose one of the following leadership theories to research and present on:  (1) Path-Goal Theory – Ch. 6, (2) Leader-Member Exchange Theory – Ch. 7, (3) Transformational Leadership – Ch. 8, (4) Authentic Leadership – Ch. 9, (5) Servant Leadership – Ch. 10, and (6) Adaptive Leadership – Ch. 11.

Using Zoom, (or another recording tool of your choice), you will prepare and record a 10-15 minute presentation on your chosen theory.  Your presentation should include visual aids (ex: PowerPoint slides or Prezi). You will submit your assignments via the assignment link.  As part of the assignment, you will be assigned as a peer reviewer on five other presentations (covering the five theories that you did not present on), and will provide comments and feedback on those five presentations.  This way, you will get exposure to all six of the different theories while only having to examine one in-depth.


Elements Description Maximum Points Possible
Content – Overview & Application Drawing from textbook reading as well as outside resources, discusses the key components of the theory, how the theory can be used, and scenarios in which the theory might be an appropriate lens for examining leadership. /5
Content – Strengths & Weaknesses Discusses both key strengths and key weaknesses of the theory /4
Organization & Development Includes the development and logical progression of ideas, and appropriate transitions. /3
Presentation Style Uses a clear voice, delivery is poised, controlled and smooth, transitions are smooth. /2
Visual Aid Style & Format Visual aids are well prepared, informative, effective, and not distracting. Aids adhere to APA standards as well as conventional rules of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. References are cited appropriately. /2
Peer Review Comments Student has submitted peer review comments to five peer presentations. (Note, when peer reviewing, do not enter any score here). /4
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