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Watch these short videos and share your thoughts on some of the questions below.

Amanda Gore – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (1:29)

Ted Talks – Drew Dudley Everyday Leadership (6:14)

Research is not required, but if you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others, be sure to give credit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website link where this information was found.

  • In your experience at work or in groups, how important do you think mood and emotion are in the ways that people interact in groups?
  • Describe a time when you think your mood might have affected the way other people behaved in a group, team, or business setting with you. Do you think your affect on other group members was positive or negative ?
  • Think about the idea of “everyday leadership.” How do you think human emotion plays a role in the story told in Drew Dudley’s Ted Talk video?
  • Explain a time when you experienced a moment of “everyday leadership” either as the leader, or someone impacted by it. How did affect you? How did it affect others?
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