Leadership 19401305

This week’s paper is easy to earn full credit for! Please be sure to use the following headings:

  • Introduction
  • Leadership Approach
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Leadership Plan
  • Summary

Paper Specifics:

  • Paper must be 2–3 pages long (not including title and references pages)
  • Use APA format. 

In your Reflective Paper, please be sure to look at the rubric for the assignment and include everything below.

Reflection Expectations: Use the Headings below in your paper!

  • Introduction:Introduction and purpose of the paper
  • Leadership Approach: Choose at least one leadership approach from the book that you would like to use to assess yourself as a leader. By “leadership approach,” we are referring to the approaches defined in each chapter in the text book (e.g., Traits, Skills, Transformational, Authentic, Team, Middle of the Road, Adaptive etc,). Describe yourself as a leader using this approach.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses:Looking at your leadership capabilities overall, what do you believe are your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses as a leader? 
  • Leadership Plan:Based on your overall review of your leadership approach, what things would you like to do to improve your leadership abilities? What steps will you take to make that happen?
  • Summary/Conclusion:Summarize the main points of the paper.
  •  You should all have at least one reference for your paper- our Northouse textbook.
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