1.     Imagine a simulated scenario in which you will make a presentation to your HR Department in preparation for a move by the employees to introduce collective bargaining into your company. Without taking a pro or con position, prepare an objective “brief sheet” summarizing background information about two of the following four organizations. Write one paragraph about each. No introductory or conclusion paragraph is needed. Make sure to use proper APA formatting. (250 words)



National Labor Relations Board




Legal Information Institute


American Rights at Work




2.     What should employers do in order to be compliant with OSHA? How should an employer respond to OSHA inspections? (250 words)






3.     There has been a lot of discussion about unions and whether they are beneficial or not. Do you believe unions still add value to the workplace? Why, or why not? Would you rather work for a unionized or non-unionized employer? Why, or why not?  (150 words)




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