Job Analysis

First Step

1. Choose a job from the list:

· Retail salesperson (e.g., clothing or shoes)

· Restaurant server

· Landscaper

· Cashier (e.g., grocery store, drug store, pet food store) I choose cashier

· Day camp leader

2. Research a minimum of three credible sources of information to locate the necessary information for your chosen job (e.g., interviews, job banks, occupational profiles).

3. Complete the Job Analysis Questionnaire, including references.


Second Step

1. a job description including job title, company overview, job summary (purpose and duties), detailed list of duties, qualifications and KSA summary, working conditions, place for signature and date of employee and supervisor. 2. a detailed list of the KSAs of the job (knowledge, skills and abilities). 3. an organizational chart showing your chosen position within the organization.

See the job description examples, a checklist and the marking rubric below for more information. Note: ensure you cite your sources and include your references.

Job Description Examples:

Financial Analyst.pdf

Pharmacist, GoBC.pdf

Student Support Officer.pdf

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