Introduction to the Financial World



Why Article Reviews?

In this Introduction to Banking course you will review a new article every two weeks; your first article review will be due during Week 02. In Week 11 you will compile a list of all five articles you’ve reviewed with brief descriptions and personal feedback for each.

The article reviews are designed to give you an opportunity to research and learn about current events that affect the specific financial issues discussed during the two weeks you are writing the review. The purpose is to demonstrate how information covered in this course applies to the current financial world.

The first article you review should touch on the aspects of banking covered in Weeks 1 and 2:

  • Primary and Secondary Markets in the Financial World/Domestic and Global Finances
  • Determinants of Interest Rates and Time Value of Money

Suggested Article Sources 

You may choose any article that fits the subject areas of Weeks 1 and 2.

For article sources, try, and The Wall Street Journal at

You may also look for articles at your online college library, which is accessible through the Resources Tab.

Content Requirements

To review the content requirements for this assignment, click on the link below; you may print out the requirements document for continued reference throughout the 11 weeks of the course:

Content Requirements 

Format Requirements:

  1. Cover page. (see link below)
  2. One page long. (no more, no less)
  3. Single spaced. (Double spaced between sections)
  4. Font size: 12 point.
  5. Font type: Tahoma
  6. Margins: one inch all around.

Cover Page

To see a sample cover page, click on the link below:

Cover Page

What About Your Score?

Your article reviews will be scored on a scale of 1-20, with 20 as the highest score (10 maximum for presentation and 10 maximum for content). You will also receive an additional 10 points for turning the article reviews in on time-for a total of 30 available points. For a summary of how your instructor will evaluate and score your reviews, click on the link below. 


Scoring Your Article Review

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