This assignment requires you to explore and integrate the concepts learned throughout this course. Submit an 6-8 page paper (excluding the title page, abstract page, and references section) in APA format (6th ed).

The goal of this paper is to examine the gender differences in a specific behavior (for example, personality, levels of aggression, rates of suicide, health, education, psychopathologies, etc. and anything else discussed within our text book) within the field of gender psychology and to investigate the cause of the gender differences within the specific behavior. The topic that you choose is up to you, but it must be something studied in the field of gender and it must be a well-studied, quantifiable behavior.


You will also select a theoretical approached of gender (see chapter five of the Brannon text) to research. It is important that you choose a theoretical approach that you understand and are comfortable discussing in detail.

You will be expected to not only summarize the theory you have chosen, but also include research on the theoretical perspective. Lastly, you will conclude your paper with a summary of the main points and a discussion of future research in the subject area you selected based on your research. This paper will require a minimum of 5 references (not including the textbook) and the references cannot be older than ten years. Quoting is not allowed as it does not add to the critical analysis of the content.

Subheadings are required within your paper and should be titled as such:

  1. Introduction of topic and its relevance in the field of gender psychology (1 page)
  2. Studies reflecting gender difference for the specific behavior (2 – 3 pages)
  3. Studies reflecting theoretical approach from Ch. 5 (2 – 3 pages)
  4. Conclusion and future research needed    (1 page)

 Students are not to exceed the 8 pages of body content for this paper.

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