Industry Analysis With Graph

Industry Analysis With Graph

24+ pages Industry analysis with graph, due within 40 hours.

1. The first and second file are requirements, please follow them carefully.

2. The third is the writing guide, please write the analysis according to the third file.

3. The rest of the files are notes for help.


§  “It’s not fair that only the rich can dress well.I want to solve this kind of unfair social phenomenon. “Tenet – amancio Ortega has a place where celebrities and ordinary girls can share a room without embarrassment

Amancio Ortega, founder of inidtex group, once again replaced Microsoft founder gates as the richest man in the world, with a net worth of US $85 billion. Zara accounts for about 70% of the new quarter's performance

§  Marketing strategy: do not advertise, and LV Prada as a neighbor, let others promote for us, but also pave the way for them. I believe that a large amount of money invested in the decoration of the shop is the best investment and publicity, a large amount of money in the most prosperous place, and high-tech hire famous window designers, attract customers to do advertising for them

§  Zara follows the principle of market orientation, and produces whatever is popular in the market and what users need.

§  Quick sale: general fast fashion brands produce the most every year5000Multiple designs, andZaraAt least every year2Wan DuParagraph,The whole process from design revision to delivery does not exceed15day。Often fashion week is not over, and similar clothes from models have appeared in Zara stores.

§  Service and improvement:Record every customer's reactionFeed,The global stores upload these data to the headquarters at least twice a day, and the production department will timely change the payment according to the decision of the headquarterstype

§  7475Five million square feet warehouse in Spain

§  fast

§  litigation: luxury operating companyOTBIn the light ofZaraparent companyInditexFor three years”Design plagiarism lawsuit”DieselandMarniTwo brands point outZaraSome products are suspected of copyingDieselJeans andMarniDesign style of footwear:ZaraViolated byDieselProduced and sold“Skinzee-sp”EU registered design of jeans(RCD), andMarniOf“Fussbett”Unregistered design of footwear in EU。Whether it's printing, stripe, embroidery, down, asymmetric, etcPlain…We should think more about how to increase innovation in the field of design and service, so as to keep our development from stagnation。

§  ExtensionThe best push is to update the product catalog twice a weekwide


Comparison of Chinese clothing brands

China: May UNIQLO, metersbonway, Hailan home

§  China's clothing manufacturing and retail are gradually improving, and there are more than 10 billion clothing groups in succession.

§  China's fashion brand development mode is “star spokesperson + CCTV advertising + agent sales channel”. The competition is about whose voice is loud and whose channel ability is strong.

§  Hailan home realized the importance of fast. In August this year, Hailan home announced 100 million shares in the ur known as “Zara China”.Different from other domestic women's wear brands, Li Mingguang, the founder of ur, said publicly that he was “Zara's student”. From the very beginning, he operated ur according to Zara's model.Compared with UNIQLO, Muji and other fast fashion with high degree of standardization, ur pays more attention to the integration of current season trend based on fast supply chain.

§  Inferiority:China's e-commerce andO2O(online to offline) may weaken the traditional advantages of this fast fashion giant。Clothing supply chain is affected by new technology, and even may change。From this year's tmall11We can also see from the data,ZaraWith no advantages, UNIQLO and some domestic brands are far behind。Zara may not adapt to the fierce competition of brands on Chinese platforms, Amazon in foreign countries

§  Inferiority:From a practical point of view, the survival rule of fast fashion industry is that there is no fastest, only faster.even if it isZaraAt any time, we are faced with a sense of crisis that is not fast enough。


§  Zara has nearly 700 stores in China

§  The rapid response model shows its advantages, that is, it can respond to the changing tastes of consumers in real time, which is difficult for many other Chinese clothing brands to do

§  Supply chain speed:ZaraThe speed of production is not entirely dependent on the speed of production, brand60%Our products come from the supply chains of Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and the transportation time is much shorter than that of other brands in Asiashort

§  According to a European survey, the annual rate of customers in the general fashion brand stores is 3.5 times, while Zara's is as high as 18 times, with extreme speed

















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