Research Paper Assignment

Hello everyone, the Intro draft for the paper is due on Jan 19th. For the paper you can select any topic of your choosing. Select an area within Criminal Justice that you are passionate about or an area that upsets you and you would like to see change. You can write about Societal Issues eg. cyber bulling/ cyber stalking, juvenile delinquencies, capital punishment; Justice topics eg.  Causes of Victimization, Rehabilitation and Recidivism, Racism and Crime, Gun Control Problem in the USA;  Racism and Discrimination Topics; Racism in the US Criminal Justice System, Racial Profiling. These are a few examples, you do not have to pick from the above it is just to give you some ideas.

If any of you plan on going to graduate school this would be a good paper to submit with your grad school application/ Law School.

The intro draft is due on January 19th, 1-2 pages. Please let me know if you have questions. Research Paper

Draft Sections of the Capstone Paper

(See details below)- 4 points each X 5 draft sections / 20 points

In the modules below you will be asked to upload draft sections of what will ultimately become your final research paper. Instead of waiting until the end of the semester, you will submit draft sections of your capstone paper throughout the semester in order to get feedback and direction form the professor.

The section should be uploaded as a pdf or word document to the assignment drop box by specified deadlines. In each section you should cite sources using APA style and use correct grammar and punctuation.

Module 2: Introduction- Sun, Jan 19th at 11:59pm
Identify the specific organization or issue that will be the focus of your capstone project. As well as an administrative or managerial issue that affects it. (if applicable). This section should be 1-2 pages.

Module 4: Background- Sun, Feb 2nd at 11:59pm
Provide background information on your selected topic. Including the history, purpose, context and evolution. This section should be 2-3 pages in length.

Module 6: Literature Review- Sun, Feb 16th at 11:59pm
Review and synthesize the literature related to the issue affecting your topic and cite at least 5 academic quality references. This section should be 5 pages.

Module 9: Recommendations- Sun, Mar 15th at 11:59pm
Analyze the issue and provide 2-3 recommendations tailored to your specific topic. This section should be 2-3 pages.

Module: Conclusion- Sun, Mar 29th at 11:59pm
Provide a cohesive conclusion that summarizes the research paper. This section should be 1-2 pages.

between 10-15 pages (not including title, references, tables, or figures) and should follow APA in terms of academic writing style and referencing/citation criteria. Papers should be analytical and must include scholarly research.
The paper must be double-spaced, with 1.0-inch margins, in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Your paper must draw from a minimum of 10 sources, which must be cited correctly in the text and be documented correctly in the reference page. Of the total works cited, at least five should be articles from academic journals or books published by an academic press. Do not include theses or dissertations as references. Works cited and the references must be in APA format.
Your paper is subject to review for text comparison by com, a plagiarism detection service. To submit your paper, you will upload your Word file electronically through a link located on Canvas on or before the date that your paper is due.
Students who struggle with writing should visit the Center for Excellence in Writing on campus (GL 125, 305.348.6634).
Papers will be graded according to a rubric included in Canvas.
The Paper should consist of the following sections:
Cover Page
Literature review (a review of relevant literature)
Reference List (APA format)

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