Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Practice

Impact of Standardized Terminologies on Practice

How would a standardized terminology (of your choice) directly impact your nursing practice? Provide a rationale and one example.



Any standard terminology helps in the information exchange at the local, national, and international levels. In this Discussion thread, apply the concept of a standard terminology to your own practice.Using the standardized terminologies we identified from the first discussion, which one did you choose to adopt? As my practice area is education, I would be very likely to adopt the NANDA Diagnoses and Classifications as they provide the framework for clinical care plans and concept map development. Many of you may utilize this classification system in your clinical practice area as well.

There are many factors that affect chronic illness—chronic pain, stigma, social isolation, altered mobility, or fatigue. Utilizing your learning from your readings and the South University Online Library resources, respond to the following questions:

  • Based on the research, which of these factors have the greatest impact on a patient? Why? Contrast at least two ways the factors would affect a twelve-year-old with the way they would affect a seventy-five-year-old.
  • Consider the twelve-year-old and the seventy-five-year-old have a chronic illness. How does the chronically ill patient’s illness trajectory influence the plan of care?
  • Review website. Discuss how you feel these goals will impact the health of the nation. Briefly discuss how you could incorporate these goals/objectives into your day-to-day nursing practice.
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