identification of Nursing as a profession

dentification of Nursing as a profession

Discuss two of the factors that have contributed to nursing being identified as a profession.
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1) Please use 5 – 8 references for the essay.

2.) We have a database for you to get information for this essay. please go to this link:

scroll it down until you find nursing databases.

Under nursing database you click CINAHL with Full Text (EBSCO)

Then it will redirect you to RMIT University library e-resources log in

Username: S3580455
Password: J5M16CC@1993

Once you logged in, you will be directed to the website and you could search articles there for the essay.

You could still use other good resources as well. I just want you to get some information from here about the topic since it came from the university library.

And by the way, the professor give us the list of the factors during our lectures and she told us that we choose 2 factors for the essay that we want to tackle.

Here’s the factors below.

Attributes of a profession:

– A strong level of commitment
– Long & disciplined education process
– Unique body of knowledge
– Discretionary authority
– Active & cohesive professional organisations
– Acknowledged social worth (Speedy 1987

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