HRMT 101 Wk4 Forum

HRMT 101 Wk4 Forum

Forum Discussion: Self-disclosure can be a rewarding, but often challenging, exercise to determine our own communication challenges. The Johari Window offers a non-threatening model to help provide feedback and communication among peers and co-workers (see video under Lessons – Week 4 – Reading and Resources). Sometimes, we may forget about all the emotions present at work. Some of these emotions result from personal difficulties, work pressure and stress, and/or the ability to perform beyond our potential.

Based on your readings this week (see Lessons – Week 4 – Reading and Resources), and regardless of the emotions experienced at work, having a strategy to deal with emotions and conflicts can help to create a happier work environment. What proactive steps can be taken to hold our emotions in check in the face of ineffective communication and leadership practices? How can self-disclosure facilitate effective communication in the workplace? Be creative in your answer!

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